Ship Chandler Novorossiysk – Russia

        Ship Chandler Novorossiysk’s Ship Supply prides itself on providing first class service. Working with vessels that call to at, Novorossiysk port, all piers and all anchorage area of Russian’s ports, Ship Chandler Novorossiysk offer quality and value.

     As a Ship Chandler Novorossiysk owned and operated ship chandlery, Ship Chandler v provide vessels with provisions, Publications, cabin, bonded store, deck, safety equipments and engine stores. Ship Chandler Novorossiysk are bonded and insured which enables us to handle ship’s spares in transit. Ship Chandler Novorossiysk’s the one source for all your vessel’s requirements.

      For over 35 years Ship Chandler Novorossiysk’s Ship Supply has provided 24 & 7 & 365 service with an emphasis on honesty and integrity. Ship Chandler Novorossiysk understand that Ship Chandler Novorossiysk reputation is always on the line. Ship Chandler Novorossiysk passion, dedication and determination are evident in every aspect of Ship Chandler Novorossiysk business.

      Contact with Ship Chandler Novorossiysk today to see how Ship Chandler Novorossiysk’s Ship Supply can benefit your operation. via :

Ship Chandler Novorossiysk’s Ship Supply, where high quality and best pricing meet the waterfront.

Short History of Ship Chandler Novorossiysk 

        Ship Chandler Novorossiysk’s Ship Supply, is truly the only real and local owned and operated ship chandlery in the Novorossiysk all piers and all anchorage area of Novorossiysk’s piers. What started out primarily as a tug boat supplier in the lastly 90’s, quickly enhanced to a full service global ship chandler for all major cargo and chemical tankers by the last 90’s. Ship Chandler Novorossiysk’s Ship Supply is operated by the original founder that started the operation in 2002

        Ship Chandler Novorossiysk’s history is driven by the training received by dedicated retired gentlemen of over 18 years experience and passed on to the next generation with the quality of service and commitment known only to a few. The history of personalized service, boarding vessel’s, securing samples and orders, all post satellite, fax machine, email, cellular telephone, blackberry and other all modern methods of communication.

      Ship Chandler Novorossiysk incorporate this technology into our daily operation, but never lose sight of the personalized service that can only come with personal meeting’s with vessel owners, officers, management companies and purchasing agents. Ship Chandler Novorossiysk’s is a Russian company operated by national citizens and has no affiliation with any foreign ship chandlers or companies.

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